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Is baking somewhat of a hobby that you enjoy and like to do for both your loved ones and yourself? Do you look through recipes online or watch TV shows that teach you how to make certain desserts, and you’d like to make them at home but need to get some items together to make this happen?

Are you looking to not only make something that tastes amazing but also looks so fantastic that it could be in a magazine?

Obtaining these goals are quite possible; you just need the right supplies to help you get started. That’s where we at Baking Supplies Plainview come in! Not only are we conveniently located and open seven days a week, we have everything you’ll need!

Plainview Baking Supplies

We are proud to let you know that The Chocolate Duck Baking Supplies Plainview has been in business for over 30 years, and we value being able to come alongside and assist those who have a love for baking and are excited about building their skills in this area.

Our location contains an endless array of choices, and the possibilities are endless.

We have it all, from chocolate molds to cake forms, to decorating tools to cake toppers, and so much more! Our warm, supportive, and savvy associates are available to help you find whatever you’re looking for. Additionally, they can answer any questions you may have and even provide you with some very helpful baking tips!

If you’re not comfortable with purchasing Baking Supplies Plainview for your own use just yet, it might be a better idea for you to start out with attending one of our baking classes that we offer on-site. This way, you can work on developing your skills through learning as you go.

This may also help you to clarify what specific type of baking you may want to specialize in before purchasing any supplies or ingredients. Please feel free to peruse our website,, and see what we have to offer.

Another benefit of taking a class is that after you’ve finished, you can take the inspiration you’ve acquired from the class, shop at our location also, and gather supplies from the store to purchase on the same day without having to get into your car and drive somewhere else!

Our Baking Supplies Plainview store is also an amazing gourmet chocolate shop that has something for everyone! Not only that, we also have “Cakes by Christina”, our on-site baker and cake artist who has been a frequent competitor on both “Cake Wars” and “Last Cake Standing”! She is truly an expert in her field and can create everything from an elegant, tiered wedding cake to a more casual cake for your child’s birthday party.

Please feel free to browse some of her masterpieces under the “Gallery” heading on our website. We can also provide you with our made in-house cake pops, cupcakes, and cookies! If you’re ready to take that next step regarding Baking Supplies Plainview or would like to know more about any of our other services, please give us a call at (516)249-0887.

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